Your IT department is one of the most important areas of your business, as your computers are housed in there. You also likely have a computer network in this area. Below are some tips on keeping everything secured so your business is not disrupted in any way.

Keep the Computer Area Secure

Secure the entire area where you keep your network, such as your servers, switches, and routers. If someone happened to break into your building and damaged this networking equipment, it would likely take your business down. One way you can secure this room is to install an access control panel. Each employee would have to enter a special code into the panel before they could get into the computer room. You can hire a security company to install this access panel for you.

Wire Partitions

Wire partitions can be used to house your networking equipment. These partitions are generally installed starting at the ceiling and going down to the floor. They include a wire mesh and a door with a lock. You can use a basic lock on the door, a biometric lock, card coded lock, or an electromagnetic lock with a keypad.

Security Company

Hire a security company to have a security guard on your premises 24/7. This reduces the chances of someone breaking into your building in the first place. This person can deter vandalism, theft, assault, and other bad behavior. Consider having the security guard dress in street clothing instead of a uniform. This way people will not know they are part of your security. Make sure the security officer you hire is from a legitimate security company, and time time to check their references.

Storage Racks

Keep your network equipment safe by putting them on storage racks instead of on the floor. This also helps keep them cooler, as there is space between them and the floor. If there is a flood, the equipment is protected as long as the water does not rise too high. These racks mount to the wall via screws and bolts so that they are very secure. When the computer equipment is in a rack, it would be very difficult for someone to pick it up and walk away with it.

Talk with the security company who may be able to give you some other tips about keeping your computer equipment safe. For example, they may be able to install video monitoring equipment in your computer room so you can see what goes on. For more information, contact a professional like Finch Security.