From businesses to apartment complexes, security guards are ubiquitous methods of increasing property security. But any individual can be infallible, and security guards are often called upon to be diligent and conscientious for long periods of time. This can make it very easy for them to miss things, often through no fault of their own. Luckily, technology can make up for any human shortcomings.

1. Motion Tracking Cameras

In the dead of the night, it can be difficult for even eagle-eyed security guards to notice that something is amiss. Motion tracking cameras make a building more secure in two ways. Through the action of motion tracking, they can call attention to anything that is occurring—whether it be a harmless wild animal or someone trying to break in. But even better, they will record high resolution data that tracks the individual in question, and just in case they get away, this footage will make it easier to identify a suspect.

2. Keypad Entryways

Keypad entryways are very easy to install and vastly reduce the amount of work a security guard needs to do, allowing them to focus purely on security. Even better, every individual who works in a building can set their own access code, so if an access code is used for malicious behavior the building management will know whose code was used. Keypad entryways can also be set to alert the security team if the wrong code is used too often.

3. Intercom Systems

An intercom system makes it easier for security guards to respond to questions, buzz people in, and perform other remote functions without having to leave their desk. For those who have only a single security guard on staff, this can be critical. Having a security guard always at the desk is important so that they can continually monitor the area that they're in and so that tenants in an apartment building and staff at a business will have someone to come to with their concerns and questions.

4. Smartphone Integration

Smartphone integration for a security guard can be helpful in a few ways. Smartphones can be used as walkie-talkies so that guards can communicate with each other easily without having to carry a cumbersome second object. They can also be used so that guards can track each other on GPS, thereby knowing where they are at any given time. And they can be used by guards to sound an alert should they encounter anything strange on their rounds.

Through the use of technology, many building management companies can reduce the amount of security guards they need to take care of their properties—and they can also ensure that the quality of their security remains exceptional. Many security companies have a variety of technological improvements available for those who want to upgrade. For more information about security measures or to hire security guards, consider speaking with a representative from a company like Palisade group security service.