It is estimated that around 75% of employees have stolen from their employer at least once according to statistics. This number can be alarming for businesses when they calculate how many employees they have and how many thefts could be occurring right under their nose. The amount of revenue lost from all these thefts could cause the company to get in real financial trouble. This is not something that only one type of business deals with. In fact, it happens all across the different industries and can be a real concern. While you can hire a security company (such as Polo Security Services Ltd) to keep an eye on things for you, you also need to go a step further in preventing employee theft. Here are some ways to get started.     

Inspect Trash Dumpsters

If you are concerned that your employees may be stealing products from your company, you will want to keep an eye on the dumpsters. Because packaging can get very bulky, it is much easier for an employee to take the item out of the package if they are planning on stealing it.They need somewhere to discard of the trash so many times they will throw it in the dumpster out back. By checking the dumpster periodically throughout the week, you can see if any packaging is being discarded that shouldn't be. 

Internal Checks and Balances

One way to help prevent theft in your company is by inputting a system of checks and balances. Never allow fewer than two people to close the business at night. If you only have one person closing, they will have every opportunity to steal and get away with it because no one is checking behind them. If you have one person cashing out at night, then you will want to make sure you have someone different checking the amount the next morning. Having a security company in the building can not only protect your employees, but they can keep an eye on the employees who are closing up. 

Screen Employees

It is common for a company to lose around 5% of its revenue due to employee fraud. It can be hard to tell who is likely to steal from the company unless you do a thorough background check. This allows you to see if the potential employee has any past history of stealing or other crimes that are related to theft. This can be one of the easiest ways to prevent theft within your company.